My first Author Fair

A little over a week ago, I did my first author fair at Red Mountain Library in Mesa, AZ. I had a terrific time meeting people and fellow authors. I expected the day would be all about networking and would have been happy to sell one or two books. But I sold a jaw-dropping fourteen (I admit that exactly half were to friends) and had one of the best experiences ever. I expect future signings may not go as well (or they may be even better) but I know that a success is possible. It has also shown me that my series I published twelve years ago will still sell today (The QPID Archives). So my new goal is to add those books here, update both websites and simply keep on keeping on. I may reprint the next batch with a new covers since I designed it myself twelve years ago, but the main books will not change and perhaps I will finally begin book three of that series.

Back to writing book 3 in both series!