Book One of the series – The Kelton Cases: The Lost Princess.

Ex-mercenary Lenore Kelton can take care of herself in any dangerous situation. But when the danger involves her family, she begins to wonder if traveling around the galaxy taking odd jobs is the best career choice. Though her husband, Diarmin, seems content to tinker with his machines, their son Quinn, already a master-of-disguise, wants more challenging responsibilities.

Their current case, found by computer genius daughter, Allison, sounds harmless enough. The mission is to find a long-lost princess and her companion before the current prince takes the throne. But during the search, the Kelton family find themselves involved in kidnapping, theft, planetary politics, assassinations, and entangled with a powerful, galaxy-wide slave organization

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Low on money and resources, the Keltons take on passengers. The first passenger is a brilliant scientist with a cargo that could save his plague-ridden planet. The other is a young woman transporting the spirit of a dead priest back to his homeworld. The job starts with illegal landings, fake permits and running from enemies who somehow keep finding them, all in a day’s work for the Keltons. Then things go from bad to worse: a mysterious leak in the environmental systems, random thefts and accusations from a local patrol. But which passenger is responsible for the misfortunes? Or is it someone else entirely?

Book Three – A Dangerous Game

The Keltons need a place to lay low while their ship gets long-awaited upgrades. When they answer a call for contestants to play a popular survival game on a private planet, the entire family is cast. Since the game is out of reach of the public, they decide it’s the perfect location to hide out and win some money at the same time. But when other contestants start dying, the Keltons must use their combined skills to survive. Before they know it, the game has spilled over into their regular lives, and their family will never be the same.

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The Kelton Cases: Full Circle – In their newly upgraded ship, the Keltons decide to meet with the mysterious woman who spoke with Lenore on the game planet. But when Lenore’s former mentor warns them not to, they wonder if they are walking into a trap. Will Lenore finally get information about her family, or will she lose everything she has fought for?

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